Public Bath, Krøyers Plads

Water is a very important part of a human life. We come from it, we live by it and can not live without. Water deserves respect and attention as it can so much and have so much potential. I will cultivate the water as experiment, and let the human body / the visitor experience it in a new way.

The great experiment the building will house is to break with our traditional understanding of water and enjoy the water with the weather, and nature. Let the natural seasons climate change affect our bodies outdoors while you feel like you are indoors, and vice versa. Let the snow hit the bare skin as you lie in the shallow, warm water on the back, sheltered from city noise and chaos.

I will reverse the Danish water culture inside out and sense deceive the visitor with interesting aquatic constellations that also relate to the Copenhagen harbor and canal.

Light is an important part of our perception of water when we are either in, over, or somewhere in between. So darkness is associated with excitement and danger, and the light gives us hope in it.



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