The Concrete Pavillon

Project developed through my exchangeship in Vienna, summer semestre 2013, master program. For full understanding of this project, check out the posters from final review 2013 - further down on this page.


I got inspired by the silos, tubes and the whole complex system where every little pierce has a function and where everything is linked by purpose. I tried somehow to relate it to the communication space they asked for in the pavillon in wietersdorf. In the very beginning I did a little diagram, which consist of some workspaces that Is more or less dissolved into one another, and is connected after purpose, just like the functionality of the hi-tech concrete production. And I wanted to translate that metamorphosis of siloes and functionality into a architectural pavillon.

Contrasted Space & Floating Plans
Another important part of the concept is the contrasted space.
Kept in mind that the pavillon should contain many functions with different conditions of architectural elements such as noise shielding and divided spaces, the contrasted space should be a formfactor for designing the workspaces, exhibition, canteen facilities with different light conditions both as a question of light demands for workspaces, light after purpose and distinguish between pure light and a nice view to the outer landscape. And last, and not at least aswell as a sustainable concept. The cones itself is not only creating space, but allows the light to create additional space between the cones and turn the communications space into a whole inner environment, where spaces are floating between eachother.

Final Posters



Additional Illustrations

Model photos